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1. PGS.TS. Nguyễn Thị Phương Liên - Giải pháp hoàn thiện quản trị rủi ro tín dụng tại các ngân hàng thương mại Việt Nam

 A/Prof.Dr. Nguyen Thi Phuong Lien - Solutions to Enhancing Credit Risk Management in Vietnam Commercial Banks

With a survey conducted via secondary data on the situation of credit activities and credit risks in Vietnam commercial banks, the author points out some weaknesses in risk management in these banks, then suggests some solutions to enhancing the quality of risk management in the coming time.

2. TS. Vũ Xuân Dũng - Bàn về hướng đổi mới quản lý, giám sát các tập đoàn kinh tế và tổng công ty nhà nước ở Việt Nam trong điều kiện hội nhập hiện nay

Dr. Vu Xuan Dung - Renewing Management and Supervision on State-owned Economic Corporations and Groups in the Integration Context

State-owned economic corporations and groups have become an important component of Vietnam economy in recent time. Generally, these corporations and groups have led some key business and production sectors in the economy, helping the Government to perform its backbone functions of stabilizing and developing socio-economy, contributing to the national GDP, state budget, export turnover, foreign revenues and job generation, etc. However, the real operations of many corporations and groups have shown some limitations, which threaten their existence and development in the integration time and eliminate their roles in the national economic development cause. In his article, the author bases on secondary data on the business performance and financial situation of these corporations and groups to evaluate their weaknesses, from which suggests solutions to renewing management and supervision on these entities in the coming time.

3. Nguyễn Thị Minh Nhàn - Vấn đề “nợ” bảo hiểm xã hội ở doanh nghiệp nước ta hiện nay - Nguyên nhân và biện pháp khắc phục

Dr. Nguyen Thi Minh Nhan - Delay on Social Insurance Payment – Causes and Measures

Social insurance is an important component of the social welfare system. Right from the first years of the national renewal process, Decision 15 - CT/TW dated 26/5/1997 was issued by the Politburo on strengthening the Party leadership in implementing social insurance policies, indicating the role of social insurance as well as the care of the Party and Government. Along with the national achievements, social insurance has now become a reliable support for laborers and the whole society. The number of insurees is on a rise. However, the coverage level of social insurance remains limited (about 30% of the labor force pay compulsory social insurance), especially a chronic disease in this area is the delay of insurance payment, happening in almost all localities nationwide and likely to rise. This disease has made many serious effects on Vietnam social welfare system. To have an effective treatment to this disease, it is important to seek and understand its nature and causes.

4. GS.TS. Janice How and TS. Nguyễn Thị Kim Oanh - Cải cách điều tiết hoạt động ngân hàng ở Úc và hàm ý chính sách

Prof.Dr Janice How and Dr. Nguyen Thi Kim Oanh - Reforms on Banking Regulations in Australia and Policy Implications

When many banks in the world, no matter big or small, are suffering from the global economic crisis, Australian banking system is considered less hit by the crisis and still able to maintain their high growth rates. This is partly thanks to the positive outcomes of the banking deregulation policies implemented in Australia in the past 30 years. In their paper, the authors present the situation of regulating Australian banking system before the reforms and put forth some aspects in the banking policy framework of Australia as precious lessons for application.


5. TS. Lục Thị Thu Hường - Cộng tác trong chuỗi cung ứng thực phẩm tươi sống của các siêu thị trên địa bàn Hà Nội

Dr. Luc Thi Thu Huong - Partnership in Fresh Food Supply Chain in Hanoi-based Supermarkets

Supermarkets are playing a more important role in food retailing sector in general and fresh food in particular. In her article, the author surveys the partnership in fresh food supply chain in Hanoi-based supermarkets (the findings indicate that foreign-invested supermarkets have implemented partnership measures more positively than Vietnam  ones); she also puts forth some solutions to better exploiting partnership measures in the supply chain to create higher benefits for supermarkets, farmers and food producers.

6. Dương Thị Hồng Nhung - Phát triển du lịch Homestay tại các làng cổ Bắc Bộ Việt Nam - Góc nhìn từ Làng cổ Đường Lâm  - Hà Nội

Duong Thi Hong Nhung, MA - Developing Homestay Tourism in the North of Vietnam – A View from Duong Lam Village

Homestay tourism represents a new trend in the world. This model not only provides local people with many benefits but also serves tourists better by giving them new experience. The old villages in the North of Vietnam are interesting and attractive destinations for Homestay tourists, but the exploitation of this service at present has not come up to its potential. In her paper, the author highlights some strengths and weaknesses in developing Homestay services in this area with views specifically taken from the old village of Duong Lam, from which proposes some solutions to developing tourism services in general and Homestay service in particular.

7. ThS. Đỗ Phương Thảo -  Dùng nội lực để vượt qua khó khăn tài chính giai đoạn phục hồi kinh tế hiện nay

Đo Phuong Thao, MA - Exploiting Internal Force to Overcome Financial Difficulties in the Economic Recovery Period

Financial difficulties have become a big problem for the economy in 2012. Not only Vietnam but many other countries are in the hard time. It is therefore essential to find an appropriate credit source. Vietnam economy has depended too heavily on external credit, which has been dwindled in recent time. The national economy is on the edge of a crisis. Vietnam Government has made efforts to overcome difficulties but it is by no means easy. In her paper, the author analyzes the difficulties facing the economy, at the same time points out potentials of the internal financial sources which can help Vietnam economy pass this hard time.

8. TS. Nguyễn Hoàng  và PGS.TS. Vũ Trí Dũng - Kênh phân phối dược phẩm tại Việt Nam - Những đặc điểm cơ bản, kinh nghiệm từ các doanh nghiệp điển hình và giải pháp phát triển

Dr. Nguyen Hoang and A/Prof.Dr. Vu Tri Dung - Distribution Channels for Pharmaceutical Products in Vietnam: Features, Lessons from Distinctive Enterprises and Development Solutions

One typical feature of pharmaceutical market is concentrated production and distributed consumption. Besides, consumers are often passive in their buying decisions, especially with Anatimical Therapeutic Chemical (ATC). Therefore, the functions of the distribution channels to cover the market and consult on product usages become more important. The paper analyses the typical features of pharmaceutical distribution in Vietnam, presents the distribution network of some distinctive enterprises (such as Haul Gang Pharmaceutical, Graphic and Mediplantex) and makes recommendations on the distribution channels for Vietnam pharmaceutical enterprises in the coming time.

9. PGS.TS. Nguyễn Văn Minh - Hội nhập với Asean và sự phát triển ngành dịch vụ Logistics của Việt Nam

A/Prof.Dr.  Nguyen Van Minh - ASEAN Integration and the Development of Vietnam Logistics

Logistics has become an importance service sector in many countries, Vietnam included. Towards the formation of ASEAN Economic Community by 2015, Vietnam has integrated more intensively in many fields with regional countries, especially in logistics. The article generalizes the integration process to ASEAN of Vietnam logistics, identifies opportunities and challenges facing the sector in this process, on that basis makes some proposals to state administration agencies and logistics enterprises with a view to fostering the integration and developing Vietnam logistics in the future.

10. TS. Lê Thị Thanh Hải - Trình bày thông tin hợp nhất kinh doanh trên báo cáo tài chính hợp nhất - Một số vấn đề cần trao đổi

Dr. Le Thi Thanh Hai - Presenting Information in Consolidated Financial Statements – Some Discussions

Merger is considered an effective trend of business restructuring, which helps enterprises to create their competitiveness in the present context of integration and development. Although the legal framework for consolidate accounting has been set up, it is not easy for enterprises to fully understand these accounting standards and principles to put them in reality. Besides, in the real work of consolidated accounting still exist some problems which the current accounting standards and principles have not covered yet, or not been appropriate such as the regulation on cost of business merger, multi-phase business consolidated accounting when an enterprise takes over another, business consolidated accounting without consolidation costs, presenting information on business consolidation in the consolidated financial statements, etc. To help complete Vietnam accounting standards and principles, in her article, the author specifically covers one aspect: presenting information on business consolidation in the consolidated financial statements.

11. TS. Nguyễn Thu Thủy - Kinh nghiệm phát triển quỹ đầu tư chứng khoán ở một số nước và bài học đối với Việt Nam

Dr. Nguyen Thu Thuy - Experience of Developing Stock Investment Funds in other Countries and Lessons for Vietnam

The growth of Vietnam stock market over the past 10 years is a solid foundation for the formation and development of stock investment funds. But the funding sector has actually run in just 5 years. Up to now, in Vietnam stock market, there are only 24 stock investment funds operating in limited forms, their scale and product diversity remain limited in comparison with the market potentials. These funds have failed to exploit their roles of attracting capital, steering investors and contributing to the stability of the market. The article analyzes experience in developing stock investment funds in some countries, from which draws some lessons which can apply in Vietnam in the coming time.







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