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Tóm tắt Tạp chí Khoa học thương mại số 48 - 27/6/2012


1. PGS.TS. Nguyễn Thị Phương Liên - Hoàn thiện chính sách quản lý nhà nước đối với dịch vụ chứng khoán của công ty chứng khoán   

A/Prof.Dr. Nguyen Thi Phuong Lien - Completing State Administration Policies on Securities Services of Securities Companies

Reality shows that the supply of securities services of securities companies in Vietnam stock market has gained some notable successes. However, there still exist many problems which have negatively affected the healthy development of the market. These problems result from many reasons, including the limitations in state administration policies on securities services. Upon analyzing the activities of supplying securities services of securities companies to identify the positive and negative effects of the current policies on securities services from secondary information, the author suggests some solutions to creating more scientific and practical grounds to help complete and enhance the state administration policies on securities service of Vietnam stock market.


2. PGS.TS. Doãn Kế Bôn - Xuất khẩu hàng hóa của Việt Nam vào thị trường Liên bang Nga khi Nga là thành viên của WTO

A/Prof.Dr. Doan Ke Bon - Exporting to Russia amid the Country Becoming WTO Member.

Russia is Vietnam’s traditional market with big demand but not strict requirements on product quality. Russia has completed WTO entry procedures with commitment to opening the market and implementing WTO rules, it has accordingly created favorable conditions for exporters. Vietnam exports to this market have gained good results, but we still run a trade deficit with Russia because our product diversity, competitiveness and export effectiveness remain low and not compatible with the potential of a strategic partner.

However, Russia is still a potential market to Vietnam. To take opportunity when Russia becomes a WTO member, it is essential to do research to increase our exports. The article studies the features of Russian market, its tariff and non-tariff commitments, analyses its situation, then proposes solutions to increasing exports to Russia.


3. TS. Nguyễn Hoàng và ThS. Nguyễn Thị Thùy Dương - Phát triển quan hệ đối tác kinh doanh của các doanh nghiệp thành viên kênh phân phối nội địa ở Việt Nam                                                                                                                       

Dr. Nguyen Hoang and Nguyen Thi Thuy Duong, MA - Developing Business Partnerships of Enterprises in the Domestic Distribution Channel in Vietnam

Retailers have long been considered by marketing experts as a value-creating element in the distribution channel. Recent articles have shown the urgent need of researching the importance of the cooperation between manufacturers and other independent elements. For this reason, this article focuses on analyzing the relations among various elements in the distribution channel on the basis of an assumption that once these relations are improved, the value of goods will be improved through increasing the utility of the products or reducing their costs.


4. Chu Việt Cường - Giải pháp tăng cường quản lý nhà nước đối với thương mại hàng thực phẩm đóng hộp tại các siêu thị trên địa bàn Hà Nội

Chu Viet Cuong - Strengthening State Administration on Canned Food Business in Hanoi-based Supermarket

Canned food provides nutrition for humans, which is the basic demand to ensure the survival and development of each individual as well as the whole society. However, canned food is also one of the factors directly affecting human health. In recent time, there have happened many food poison cases as many food products, including canned food, do not guarantee hygiene and safety. Across the country in general and Hanoi in particular, canned food is traded by different business entities with different business modes, distributed in specialist stores, street markets and mostly in supermarkets. Therefore, strengthening state administration on canned food business in Hanoi-based supermarkets becomes very important to help ensure the health of consumers, manage the market, maintain a good business environment and develop sustainably. In his article, upon analyzing the situation of controlling food business in Hanoi, the author suggests some solutions to improving state administration on this activity in the coming time to successfully implement the major economic programs of the Capital and the country, including the food safety program.


5. TS. Nguyễn Thanh Hải - Thuế chống trợ cấp trong kinh doanh xuất, nhập khẩu - những vấn đề và hàm ý chính sách với Việt Nam 

Dr. Nguyen Thanh Hai - Anti-subsidy Tax in Import-Export: Problems and Policy Implications to Vietnam

Many countries in the world have used anti-subsidy tax as an effective tool to protect their domestic production. It is not surpring that highly developed countries with big markets such as the US or EU are those which apply this tool most frequently to protect their local industries against the fiercer competition from imported products amid the free trade context. Upon identifying some features of this tax application in international trade as well as the situation in Vietnam in recent time, the author puts forth some policy implications to effectively deal with this issue.


6. Lê Viết Duyên - Asean trong xu thế hợp tác kinh tế Đông Á và chính sách cho Việt Nam 

Le Viet Duyen - ASEAN in the Trend of East Asian Economic Integration and Policies for Vietnam

East Asia draws the special attention of the world community thanks to its strategic position with many ‘hot’ issues and dramatic achievements in economic development. East Asia has been considered the world’s leading economic region with positive contributions to the global growth in the past many decades. The high dynamics and economic growth of East Asia have helped to weaken the world crisis and increase the chance of global recovery. To ASEAN, East Asia is a direct environment with both opportunities and challenges. In the context of increasing regional integration, ASEAN has made important adjustments so that it can cooperate more actively and comprehensively and become an integral part of East Asia via the mechanism and process in which it is taking the proactive role. Integrating to East Asia is very important to Vietnam since it brings many long-term advantages and helps to enhance the adaptability of the economy for greater benefits in a larger free trade area. The article puts forth some proposals for Vietnam to strengthen its cooperation with East Asia, contributing to the national industrialization and modernization cause.


7. PGS.TS. Phạm Thúy Hồng - Sử dụng dịch vụ thuê ngoài những vấn đề và triển vọng phát triển tại Việt Nam

A/Prof.Dr. Pham Thuy Hong - Outsourcing: Problems and Development Prospects in Vietnam

Outsourcing is a good way to maintain flexibility, increase sources and control costs, especially in the context of economic globalization. However, there remain a lot of problems in implementing the contracts and supplying the services, which leads to many arguments on how to effectively manage relations with outsourcers. The article provides an overall look on the models and activities in the outsourcing process, then identifies its development prospects in Vietnam.


8. TS. Nguyễn Hoàng Việt - Nghiên cứu năng lực kinh doanh của các doanh nghiệp Việt Nam - tiêu chí và phương pháp đánh giá

Dr. Nguyen Hoang Viet - Researching Business Competence of Vietnam Enterprises – Evaluation Criteria and Methods

To develop competence-based market orientation strategies and restructure business strategies of Vietnam enterprises, one important task is to evaluate the business competence of the enterprise itself as well as enterprises in the same business sector. The article focuses on building up scientific and practical grounds in hierarchy structure, evaluation criteria and indicators for business competence in accordance with the present conditions of Vietnam enterprises, including business source competence, expressive business competence and working business competence.


9. TS. Hoàng Đình Phi - Đánh giá công tác quản trị công nghệ của doanh nghiệp

Dr. Hoang Đinh Phi - Evaluating Technology Management of Enterprises

In the context of global competition and integration, enterprises need to build up and improve their technology management capacity, which means they should know how to manage and develop technology and technological competence for sustainable production and trading. To enhance the technology management capacity, it is important to evaluate the technology management work regularly. But how should it be done, and what criteria should be used? To help answer these questions, in his article, the author introduces some theoretical grounds and practical examples on evaluating technology management capacity of enterprises.


10. ThS. Phạm Tùng Điệp - Chiến lược kinh doanh của doanh nghiệp - nguyên lý và vận dụng trong kinh doanh xuất khẩu các sản phẩm gốm sứ xây dựng ở Viglacera

Pham Tung Điep, MA - Business Strategy of Enterprises – Principles and Applications in Exporting Construction Ceramics in Viglacera.

Operating in an important business sector and always gaining stable growth despite the present economic difficulty, Viglacera has been able to identify strategic orientations for exporting construction ceramic products. Member companies are on the duty of developing these strategies to create a sustainable competitive advantage. Upon analyzing the implications of strategic levels, the article focuses on describing and evaluating the applications of export strategies in Viglacera amid the present context.


 11. ThS. Nguyễn Thị Thu Hương - Giải pháp phát triển chiến lược marketing hàng thực phẩm tươi sống và chế biến sẵn của các siêu thị trên địa bàn Thành phố Hà Nội

Nguyen Thi Thu Huong, MA - Developing Marketing Strategies for Fresh and Processed Foodstuffs in Hanoi-based Supermarkets

One advantage of supermarket is its convenience. Many supermarkets operate with the slogans of “Replacing Street Markets” or “Becoming Friends of Every Family”. However, reality shows that supermarket has not been the choice of a majority of consumers in fresh and processed foodstuff. Many supermarkets have invested in storage and display equipment for fresh and processed food, some even build kitchen to make ready-to-use food to provide better convenience to consumers but still fail to attract them. This situation results from many reasons but the major one is supermarket management has not attached great importance to planning and implementing marketing activities to identify development orientations for this kind of products and better satisfy customer demand. In her article, upon analyzing primary and secondary data, the author proposes some solutions to developing marketing strategies for fresh and processed foodstuff in Hanoi-based supermarkets.


12. PGS.TS. Đoàn Vân Anh - Quỹ Phát triển khoa học công nghệ những bất cập trong kế toán và đề xuất hoàn thiện                                                                      

A/Prof.Dr. Đoan Van Anh - Scientific-Technological Development Fund: Problems in Accounting and Suggested Solutions

Enterprise Scientific - Technological Development Fund is established on the enterprise profit, deducted on taxable profit. That the fund is accounted as the enterprise cost under the present accounting standard is not suitable with the nature of the transaction, does not show the government subsisdy for enterprises to develop Scientific-technology development fund nor the profit used for the fund and causes a lot of complexion in accounting taxable income when declaring corporate income tax. In her article, upon analyzing the problems of the current accounting principles, the complexion in accounting income tax when allocating profit for Scientific-technological development fund, the author suggests some solutions to these problems on the basis of accounting principles and current standards on account system.


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